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In the meantime, here is some useful information about the Blog Template.

The Blog Template is a template website designed by Timothy Foster for users like yourself. This site is designed to make blogging easier. For instance:

  • Post creation is simple, featuring a nice three-step process for publishing.
  • Post maintenance can be done from a single admin panel, allowing you to hide or delete posts easily.
  • Commenting can be controlled through the same panel described above.
  • Cover images for posts can be uploaded.
  • Font Awesome Icons can be used for posts that do not have a cover image.
  • The side bar has a post archive calendar for viewers to see past posts.
  • This template is based off of the Standard Template and hence inherits most of the cool features the Standard Template offers, like Bootstrap integration.

Special thanks goes to the following users for their contribution to this template site:


The Wikidot Team

For providing the platform upon which the site stands


Timothy Foster

For developing the blog backend code.


Everyone Else

Special thanks goes to RobElliott, Ed Johnson does not match any existing user name and Helmut_pdorf for their front-line support on the Community site, and to James Kanjo, leiger and tsangk for the development of snippets integrated into this site.

Si no se indica lo contrario, el contenido de esta página se ofrece bajo Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License